Frequently asked questions

    1. Can I get a refund if I’m unable to attend an event?
      We encourage you to attend our events to build your network, but if you’re unable to attend we suggest you send someone in your place. Most of our events do not offer refunds, but you can contact us for more information.
    2. What types of professionals attend these events?
      WNFP events are open to all business professionals from every industry.
    3. What should I bring to the event?
      You should bring an ample amount of business and a pen to take notes of information.
    4. Do you take photos at the events?
      Yes, a photographer is onsite. Each person who attends a WNFP events agree to be photographed or in event videos without compensation. Media captured at event are the property of WNFP.
    1. Who can attend events?
      WNFP events are open to all professionals - VIP Members, Non-Members & Guests. (unless specified)
    2. What is the cost to attend an event?
      Cost to attend an event varies depending on the event. Check the event details for more information.
    3. Are there any fees to attend events?
      Most events require a small fee to attend. Check the event listing for details.
    4. How do I pay to attend events?
      Payment for events can be made online and at event. Please be advised that a procrastinating fee will be applied to payments after advance online payment is closed.
    5. Can I receive a list of attendees at events I attend?
      Sponsors receive a free list of attendees. Other can purchase a list of attendee at specific events.
    6. How long are events?
      The average duration of WNFP face to face networking events is 2 hours long.
    1. Are membership fees transferable or refundable?
      Unfortunately, membership fees are non-refundable; a membership is based on individual status; the person who enrolled as a member is entitled to membership privileges; the individual cannot transfer to other staff members, but there is an option to add on staff members for an additional fee.
    2. How do I renew my membership?
      Depending on the membership option you choose, WNFP membership process is set up so that membership levels are automatically renewed.
    3. Must I have a location in Westchester County to become a member?
      Not at all. All individuals and businesses, no matter where their located are eligible and welcome to join our VIP Membership program and enjoy the benefits.
    4. Can I refer other professionals to become a part of WNFP?
      WNFP is always looking to expand our community. VIP members can login their account to complete the Referral Form if they know of someone who would be a great fit for our organization.
    5. Can I cancel my membership?
      Yes, cancellation requests must be received in writing after a full-year. If members choose to cancel their membership prior to annual anniversary they will be responsible to pay for the remaining balance.
    1. How can WNFP save me money?
      WNFP offer members exclusive reduced admission to events and savings and discounts to promote and advertise their business.
    2. What is the cost to become a member?
      WNFP offer 3 options to enroll. 1) Sign up for a 14-Day pass. 2) Make monthly payment of $20.00. 3) Pre-Pay membership for full year: $200.00 (save $40.00).
    3. Who can join WNFP?
      WNFP membership is open to individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking to expand their business growth and development with networking of connections in community of professionals.
    4. Why should I become a Member?
      WNFP is dedicated to providing our members with a variety of resources to help them better their business.
    5. What are the benefits of a Membership with WNFP?
      WNFP is a business support organization who cater to small businesses and individuals seeking to grow and develop their business with a community of like-minded professionals. Offering a variety of services to grow their connections, enhance business opportunities, build exposure and brand awareness along with other incentives.
    6. What happens when I join as a member?
      Members immediately gain access to benefits once they complete enrollment. We suggest the first thing members do is update their profile with company and contact information.
    1. Can you offer additional tickets to the conference beyond what comes with my sponsorship?
      Beyond the complimentary tickets included with your sponsorship, we offer a discount on additional tickets. Just let us know if you’d like to request additional tickets.
    2. What is the cost of a sponsorship?
      Sponsorship rates varies depending on event. Sponsorship levels range as little as $75.00 and up.
    1. How can I sponsor a WNFP event?
      Please visit the event for sponsorship information or contact us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, we would be happy to help you find the opportunity that best fits your goals.
    2. Do you offer discounts if I commit to more than one event this year?
      We’d love to see you at multiple events this year! We offer a 5%-15% multi-event discount when you commit to more than one event. The discount is based on the level of commitment and opportunities selected.
    3. What is included in my sponsorship?
      Each sponsorship comes with a different set of benefits and perks. All event sponsorships include: complimentary admission (quantities based on sponsorship level), a logo placement on email invitations, a company description with URL on event calendar posting and a list of attendees after the event.
    4. The sponsorship I want is listed as “sold out”. Is there anything I can do?
      We can always add you to a wait-list and reach out if a similar opportunity becomes available. We’d also be happy to discuss other available solutions that meet your needs.
    5. Do I get to speak at the event if I sponsor?
      Speaking opportunities are not guaranteed with sponsorship, but we highly encourage sponsors to submit a speaker for consideration to speak at a WNFP event.
    6. Will I be able to showcase my products or services at the event?
      Specific sponsorships include vendor table displays. Please refer to the event sponsorship options for more details of benefits.

If you have more questions please contact us.