Along with many networking, educational and promotional opportunity available with your VIP membership, WNFP has other way you can participate in to meet influential business professionals and gain resources to help expand and grow your business.


Westchester Networking for Professionals provides affordable opportunities to increase your visibility, establish credibility in our community, and build business connections.


  1. Online Exposure
    Listing in searchable directory; Author as Blog Contributor; Participation in activities & programs.
  2. VIP Access
    VIP Access to networking events, workshops, seminars and online programs.
  3. Exclusive Perks & Discounts
    VIP Member Only discounts and savings towards advertising and marketing options.
  4. Leadership Programs
    Opportunities to participate in leadership programs to help develop and grow your business.
  5. Educational Tools & Resources
    Gain access to a library of online tools and resources to teach you how to better manage, market and grow your business.
  6. Member Deals
    Provide value to our website visitors and generate leads for your business, with member deals.
  7. Event Substitution
    Unable to attend an event? Substitute a staff member or client.
  8. Speaking Opportunities
    Share your industry expertise with our community of professionals.
Join our community of professionals and get connected with local businesses and enjoy exclusive membership benefits and savings.
Join one of Westchester County’s largest business networking organizations to expand your professional connections and build your business referral base. Our members represent various industries; from small business owners, entrepreneurs to community leaders and company executives.

You will certainly find someone in our network of business professionals to gain or give a customer referral, start a business alliance and/or build professional relationships.

Become a part of Westchester Networking for Professionals as we help you improve your professional development, connect you with like-minded professionals to generate relationships, expose your business and build new business opportunities towards success within our community.
Our mission is to provide alternatives that our community of business professionals can utilize to enhance their business, professional growth and development through our live networking events, powerful business luncheons, programs, activities and resources to build professional relationships and generate new business.

It is our commitment to support and offer ways professional individuals can benefit and acquire the confidence they need to help them excel and achieve their goals.

Our community consists of entrepreneurs, business owners, sole proprietors, executives and individuals who are upscale, professional, polite, friendly, approachable, good-looking and lively too. They know that building professional relationships and generating new contacts is the source of their success.

What others say about WNFP...  

"Hi Theresa, Great seeing you again at Lunch & Learn a couple weeks ago. I'm really enjoying these events, as they add immense value to my business. Between networking and gaining great information every month, I always find that I leave lunch in a better position than when I walked in. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to WNFP." 

Jess Barletta
Makletta Capital

"You know a Group is good when the same people keep on coming to the events' every month, and each time they bring a new friend to introduce them to WNFP members. It's a really neat community of people, and there's always a cool new venue. WNFP is simply among the best networking groups (open to all) in Lower Westchester County."

Joshua Jacobs
Northwestern Mutual

"Hi Theresa, Thanks for the follow-up. I had a great time and if you do something similar in the future I would love to do it again. Yes, I made some great contacts, I will be meeting two of the people tomorrow morning and I already started to work with somebody today on a real big project! Please keep me on your email list for future events. Thank you so much! Hope to see you soon! "

Ula Neumann Robertson
AYS New York Inc. D/B/A At Your Service NY Catering

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